Oh, those poor, misguided souls…

You know the ones–prowling internet marketing forums, downloading every latest and greatest e-book from yet another “guru” (who is just such a nice guy that he’s sharing his SUPER SECRET METHODS FOR DOMINATING GOOGLE! for a mere $49.99), endlessly checking their “keyword density,” worrying about topics as esoteric as “latent semantic indexing”…

It’s almost as if getting highly-ranked in Google is some sort of highly-classified secret to whom an only an enlightened few are privy.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I know the “secret” to ranking well in Google, and I’m going to share it with you in just a few minutes…for (GASP) FREE!

But first, to those who are Google-obsessed, a question: How many products or services did Google purchase from you in the last year (if you work for YouTube, please disregard this question 🙂 )? Did Google pay your electricity bills or put food on your table? Did Google help put your kids through college, or pay for that shiny new car?

No? Well if not, then who did? Your customers, you say? Well then, where should your focus be?

If your main pursuit is to “beat” Google, you’re going to end up disappointed. Sure, there are ways to “game” your way to the top of Google’s search-engine rankings. But then what? How long can you stay at the top? If you can’t offer something unique, compelling, and valuable, you’ll soon be replaced by someone who does.

And now, for the “secret” I alluded to earlier: Create something valuable. That’s it. That’s all you need to know to get to the top of the search engines. Why does this work? Because Soylent Green Google is…PEOPLE! Google is PEOPLE!

Google is so powerful because it’s powered by you and I. If we see something we like, we link to it, we blog about it, we create communities around it. Google takes note of this, assumes that whatever “it” is, it must be something people like, and pushes “it” into the top of its rankings.

See, Google’s focus is squarely on its customers–it strives to present only the most-relevant and highest-quality results to its searchers. So to “make Google happy,” all you need to focus on is creating something valuable that people will like. Because if people like it, Google gets to make its customers happy by presenting it to them.

When creating your site, instead of asking “Will Google like this?”, or implementing the latest SEO “tip ‘o the day,” ask yourself, “Will my target audience like this?” If you can answer yes to this consistently, you will rank well in Google.

For example, this blog, although it’s only been live about three weeks, currently ranks on the second page of Google for the phrase “article spinning.” Not too shabby. (Uh, still believe in the Google “Sandbox?”) Now, did I agonize over hours of keyword research, hire expensive SEO firms to manage my advertising campaign (there was no campaign, by the way), and pray to Google each night that it would have mercy on my site?

No, I simply created some valuable content (at least, in my humble opinion) that a few people seemed to like. That’s all. (And not very much content, at that!)

Now put down that white paper on Theme-Based Page Rank, and create some value!

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